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She Does Redo!

Ginny has been a Vashon Island resident for over forty years, she's a dog walker, a community volunteer, a master upholsterer with over thirty years of stuffing, mending, and sewing, and a wizard at furniture redo.

Her Experience Shows!

From the hands of old world craftsmen, Ginny learned traditional "tack spitting" upholstery.  Many of the techniques and materials are the same today as they were in the 1800's. Jute webbing, upholstery tacks, burlap, cotton batting, horsehair, moss, tow, (a by-product of the flax plant), jute spring tying, and twine are all products used in the Phoenix Upholstery shop. Add to this the modern convenience and speed of the Pfaff industrial sewing machine and the air powered tacker and you have a perfect blend of old time know-how and up to date tools. Hundreds of fabric books with thousands of choices line the walls.  If the fabric of your dreams isn't to be found in the books, the Seattle Design Center offers a bazillion more options.

Our Staff

Virginia Nichols, CEO, CIO, & CFO
A Vashon resident since 1971, Ginny is active in local educational organizations, is a long-time member of Vashon Island Pet Protectors, and has been a major player in commercial and home improvement projects. 
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To schedule an appointment send us a request on our Contact Us page, call (206) 650.2752, or email us at idoredo@aol.com.